Do Men (we) listen?

Yes, we do for exactly 6 minutes or so before switching off and we switch back on automatically. Basically the switching off period is called ‘the cooling period’. It’s an automated thing..there’s nothing anyone can do about it 🙂

You might want to give us less information to process tho’, we can’t remember every detail you just told us…we summarize and get the gist of it, which is really enough data we can handle.

Another solution is..write it down. We love to read..Yes, do that 🙂 We have something to read in the toilet..

…that’s where most men read right?

11 Replies to “Do Men (we) listen?”

  1. hahahaha … this is a fun read Savio 🙂 Well not many men prefer reading so what do we do in those situations??? Women love to cant take that away from them

    1. not taking away anything..maybe like spread it over 24 hours and not go all all the time 😉

  2. I can confirm for a fact that I read a lot there, although I pretty much read anywhere and everywhere. Like this post. I’m reading it roadside. 😀
    Nice post.

    1. I am more a thinker on the pot… 😉😉

      1. Lemme tell you a secret! Some of my best ideas come on the pot! Ha ha ha.

        1. hahahahaha, OMG! I don’t want to know them 😉

  3. this is actually so funny!

  4. Exactly 😀 men who love to read outside the toilet are rare especially the complains 😀

    1. I don’t read on the pot. I fall in the ‘rare’ zone 😀

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