“Jab Tak Hum Kisi Ke Humdard Nahi Bante Na,
Tab Tak Hum Dard Se Aur Dard Hum Se Juda Nahi Hota”



Unless We Share Someone’s Pain,
We Don’t Get Separated From Our [own] Pain And Pain Doesn’t Get Separated From Us.

A dialogue from the movie ‘Ek Villain’. There’s something about this movie, that I love watching it again & again

For some reason I think, I’m not turning out to be the person I’ve always dreamed I wanted to be…and that really scares me sometimes.

…and to think, I have a long way to go ahead. 

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  1. I would say just work towards your goal…even if you are not able to achieve it, at least you would have tried. Enough gyaan 🙂

    1. Gyaan accepted…and yes I’m doing that. Thanks Alok, how you doing btw?

      1. I am good, buddy…life as usual 😊

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