Book Sale


The Broadway Book sale is happening in my town and books are sold at 50-60% discount, which is excellent.
…and with me, if I hear about any book sale, I am there.


I am the first one at the sale, I ask the girl/woman there

“Do you have the book Fifty Shades Darker?”
She didn’t have it and I wondered how can a book sale happen without books of Fifty Shades. She’s obviously heard of the book (who hasn’t? doesn’t seem that she’s read it tho..not a Christian Gray fan I suppose), that’s a good sign. She smiles and says;

“but I can order it for you from Panjim”

“that would be really nice, when can you let me know?”

I continue “do you have a phone no here?” (of course NOT, it’s a sale..they don’t have landline phones there)

“I have my cell phone” she replies

“Great, maybe you can take my no down and give me a call when you get the book”

“Yes, I’ll do that”

She smiles, I smile…I leave 🙂

The Next Day – Today

10.30 am (the same time I met her yesterday) I get a call on my phone, True Caller says
Alison, Mumbai Maharashtra. I don’t know any Alison, I don’t pick up the call.

It rings again, this time I pick up

“Hi Savio, I’m calling from Broadway, your book has come…darker and freed, you can come whenever you’re free to collect it, I kept it aside for you”

“Sure, thanks”

Okay, so now we’re on first name basis, nice 🙂

I’m there half an hour later. Am welcomed with a big smile

“Hi Savio” she takes out both the books.

she continues “I was trying to call you so many times..and then was wondering how to get in touch with you”

(Its strange coz I only received only 2 of which I didn’t pick up..guess 2 were ‘the-many-calls’ according to her 😉 )

“I’ll take the darker one, I’ll take time to finish it..i’ll come for the other one a few days later”

“Okay, you can come back anytime”

I smile, she smiles

I didn’t notice one thing tho’, something that I normally do otherwise ~ look at her left hand for a ring (you know if she’s single or married)

No harm in making a new friend right?
Okay! So…I’ve started reading Fifty Shades Darker. Just finished with Chapter 1. I generally take my time to read a book. 532 pages, that’ll take some time surely! That means I’ll be spending less time on WordPress for a few days.

8 Replies to “Book Sale”

  1. For a second there, reading the first paragraph or so, I thought you’d got an arrangement done. Nevertheless, it’s a start.
    Do review the book when you finish it. I had started the first boom in that series but found it far too cheesy for my taste. Lent it to a friend for reading and haven’t bothered asking him to return it.
    Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂

  2. Hey… we went to this sale yesterday evening. They seem to have reduced the number the books rite? Anyway, adopted 3 interesting books 😀

    1. did you go in the morning? That female is very friendly ryt…Alison 🙂

      1. Nah na… In the evening, after work.

        1. She just gave me a call actually, I told them to get me this Twinkle Khanna Book..Mrs Funnybones 😉

          1. Hahah😁 u still get the discount ?😨 Yes then, I have a list of books that I want to buy. I will need her number 😜

          2. oh okay 🙂 Maybe you could tell her your my u might get the extra savio-discount over and above that…30% discount I was told 🙂

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