An Idli-breakfast

So it was an Idli Breakfast today. Having eaten most of my idlis in South India, it was easy to say whether it was good or not so good 😉

There are days when my sister gets in the mood of making stuff, such times you wanna be around her..because you know you’re gonna get something to eat (all brothers are like that..I’m no different 😉 ) However after every new/repeated recipe she tries, she needs feedback…so she insists us on giving her points (i.e out of 10 how much?)

I’m normally not very generous when it comes to giving marks, praises or compliments unless I really think the person deserves it…I would have to say 8.5 on 10.
The taste of the sambhar was excellent, so were the idlis…tho’ I thought they could have been a wee bit softer (or maybe it was soft WHEN HOT) I ate it when it got cold 🙁 MY BAD.

Overall, a filling breakfast. This day is gonna be good, I think!

9 Replies to “An Idli-breakfast”

  1. Idlis happen to be my lucky breakfast! I eat them before every exam😂

    1. Cheers to Idli-Power! 🙂

  2. I love idli-sambhar!! I can have it anytime. 😊❤

    1. An Idli-lovers meet must be organised a.s.a.p 😉

  3. now i’m craving idlis…thanks……

  4. So what is a sambhar and a Idli?/ I am curious. 🙂

  5. Idlii.. 😀

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