16 Replies to “Stuff men will never understand..”

  1. Hahhaha… someone is playing darts!!!!

    1. Darts? I’m playing darts…and how exactly? I’m New to this, please tell me 😉

      1. Hahhahah… excuse me??? U say u r new for a fun post on women… well… gentlman.. just check recent posts of urs… u do play dart… and aim at the women… hahahah but i must admit a lot of it is true though… hahhahaah… cant stop laughing… u know ins pite of being a women myself lot of timez i fail to understand other women… and i often find them idi*** 😉 and funny… hahahhaha…

        1. …and I thought u were talking about the darts game 😄😄 i was never good at aiming though..at the board i.e.

          1. Board is not a place to aim at… it brings on boardom… hahahha… now that was stupid quote by me… hahahah 😁

          2. Someone is in a chirpy mood 😄😄😄 I like fun Aditi..tho’ I’d have to say I’ve not seen the other side

          3. Its good to be funny… i believe it should be like “u shud be able to take fun if u like making fun” (of someeone) and being a woman or not or being the subject of healthy fun doesnt really matter… women should learn to take it in the right spirit.. more often than not they end up taking it personally…

          4. At least the ones on WordPress are fun 😉 I’m so blessed being among some intelligent funny n awesome female bloggers 😉😉

          5. Well well… now thats really funny … stating a positive point and the antonym.. both at the same time… 😂😅

          6. And yo! M in a chirpy mood today for sure… coz i posted something after 20 long days… so stop by and read.. its about a woman called Gayatri 😉

          7. Really? You know how they say…I think I might have met her before? Name sounds familiar 😉😉😉

          8. Hahhaa… u said it too soon dude.. u just read on and u will feel that u should never cross ways with her… hahahha

        2. …and there’s no other interesting topic to write / talk about than Women 😆

          1. There is a lot infact… hey u know wot.. u shud make a separate page on ur blog..hmmm… u can call it jokers of the life 😛

      2. But my view are personal.. and i dont force it on any one… 😂😂😂 just thought placing a disclaimer will make me safe from the brunt of other women… hahahahahha

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