12th Exam Results

Its that time of the year where the sweet-shop owners are smiling, with parents buying ‘pedas’ to distribute to relations and friends on their sons/daughters success in the 12th Board Exams

What are Pedas? Pedas are sweets from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared in thick, semi-soft pieces. You have one..you feel like eating another and no sooner you look, the box is empty 🙂

Yes! The 12th examinations results are out…
A neighbor of mine secured a distinction…she must have studied HARD for that. In our days, if we secured a First Class, we were over the moon. I guess now a ‘Distinction’ is the new ‘First Class’.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates 🙂
I like moments like these (children being born, results declared, people getting promotions etc) …people celebrate with things to eat 🙂

Expecting some ‘pedas’ 😉

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  1. Pedas, Mumbai and endless reasons to distribute pedas go hand in hand! 😛

    1. I live in the smallest state of India, so quantity wise…we get fewer pedals 😄😄

      1. Goa I see! 😀 Go to Mumbai, all the more reasons to go there and there are many more attractions in Mumbai if you’re a foodie!

        1. Oh yes! I know…I know! The street food…OMG! I’m not a big time foodie…but I don’t say ‘no’ to good food 😉

          1. My friend you’re a step away from becoming a foodie! 😁

  2. In Nepal. 12 th board exms r running.

    : )

    Will end today or the next : )

    Have a nice day!

    1. Cool…still time for celebration then

  3. Congratulations to your neighbor 😃
    Pedas 😋😋😋

    1. I haven’t received my peda as yet…I’ll share once I get it 😆

  4. Savio… my mother in law makes super delicious pedas at home!!!!

    1. I must have surely forgotten to ask where you live…I’ll plan my next holiday around your area 😉

      1. Mumbai!!! U r welcome any time!! U will get to taste lot of street food too….

  5. I love this !!! – Cezane

  6. I can eat a whole plate by myself lol during sleep overs!…- Cezane 😂

  7. How the heck do people manage to get 100/100?!

    1. beats me! I’ve never understood… I got full marks for an assignment once tho’ 🙂

  8. Now the students can finally come out of hiding! And as soon as they do they’ll be bombarded by Aunties asking them ” Beta kitna mila?”😜

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