the medium sized tomato

Does anything like a ‘medium sized tomato exist?

Mom says I either buy too small or too big ones…Can anyone tell me, what does a ‘medium sized tomato look like?

Same goes with potatoes and onions. I can’t seem to find the medium sized ones..and besides why does size have to matter? I mean is that really important?

It’s bad enough that she sends me to buy vegetables, how am I supposed to know? Being the good son that I am, I obey and try to help in the little ways I can… I am not responsible for the shape or size. What I DO know, is that I’m not supposed to buy the green or slightly green tomatoes.

Small tomatoes

I googled small tomatoes and medium tomatoes and this this is what I found. Now you tell me, can you find the difference?

Medium tomatoes


Do I look like someone who is a tomato expert?

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  1. Hahaha… Hi

    Really like your post as you’ve mentioned mumma. It happens with me too😅 medium size tomatoes are too preservable. If you buy too big then it will be rotten soon. If you buy too small then it would be little unripe from inside. Hence, small size tomatoes are best. 🙂

    1. Now here’s a tomato expert speaking…but my problem still persists, how do I differentiate between a medium and a small one…do I hold one in each hand and compare? That’s gonna take a long time no? 😉

      1. Hahah… No no. You don’t need to do that.. It’s just that when you will get used to it by picking the best ones.. You’ll be able to differentiate the best tomatoes😉

      2. U can look at all tomatoes and spot the medium ones… they quite stand out.. and let me share a tip… when u buy tomatoes.. buy couple of them ripe (soft) and half should be almost ripe and remainder should be not so ripe… and yea size does matter even for tomatoes like potatoes and onions (what did u think i was talking about 😛) because when ur mom is cooking and u get her big tomatoes she cant keep half cut tomatoe since its too big and if u get her small ones she can cut another just to reach the right amount to go into the cooking because she cant leave the 2nd tomato cut… if a tomato is left cut and not used within an hr or max 2 hrs the properties start changing and it is rendered inesible… whoooooooo…. i just wrote a thesis on tomatoes!!!! 🙌🙆

        1. the info is really good, thanks Adi 🙂

  2. Just zoom in or zoom out,
    Atleast it works in images.😃😃

    1. hahahaha…zoom in zoom out! This was seriously hilarious!!

  3. The very small ones are salad tomatoes and are served whole . The big ones are what we put in our hamburgers and sandwiches , round sliced, and the medium ones are what we use for cooking , chopped. lol hope that helps.

    1. It does help if it gets in…*information overload* too much information at one go 😉

  4. That problem’s really tomatizing you 😛

    And.. I’ve nominated you for the sunshine blogger award..
    Enjoy answering while eating those tomatoes 😛 XP

  5. I love tomatoes, especially Roma and cherry tomatoes! anything but beefsteak tomatoes (ugh the big ones)

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