‘Azhar’-The Movie

What’s my take on the movie Azhar?

For starts, Emraan Hashmi does not even come close to playing the Azhar wristy flick (I was kinda disappointed on that note) that he was so known for…the flick being one of his favorite shots.
The Movie overall…was good. Emraan as Azhar was well…a good choice, his mannerisms – good attempt. The kissing parts were expected. Nargis Fakhri, this is the first time I’ve seen her on screen…she’s not so much of an actress, is she? I found her movements robotic 😉 Prachi was good, so was Lara Dutta. This is Emraan’s movie, nothing much can be said  about the other actors/actresses. If it does well, its solely because of Emraan. 

Not an awesome movie by any standards but a good ONE TIME watch.

If you’ve followed the match fixing scenario when it first broke out on national television you will understand the film better…otherwise it won’t make sense watching the film. That explains the higher male viewership compared to the females for this movie in particular.

A 3.5 on 5 rating from me. 

I think I’ll enjoy the M.S.Dhoni biopic – An Untold story better [scheduled for a September release] Looking forward to that.

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  1. I have no plans of going to watch AZHAR. And about Dhoni’s biopic, let’s see 😀 How are you, friend?

    1. I am doing good Darshith, trust you are doing well too. How is the hot weather treating you?

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