Ask..n you shall receive

If we ever needed something as a tender little child,
we asked dear daddy and he gave it to us with a smile

We are children of God..and we need to remember this
we have a daddy up in heaven who wants to fill us with bliss
No father will give us bad things, even if he’s bad
cause daddies love their children happy n they can’t see them sad

..and this is the reason we can always be sure
that God is our daddy ..he will give us what’s best


we need to ask… and we will receive

seek… and we will find

knock and the door will be opened for us

for only if YOU ask YOU will receive
if YOU seek YOU will find
and the door will be open to anyone who knocks

4 Replies to “Ask..n you shall receive”

  1. Pls dont forget to thank Daddy up in the heaven when you receive what you ask for!

  2. What a great reminder of the gift we have of going to God the Father and to asking, seeking, and knocking…I know He always listens !

  3. Beautiful truth… 🙂

  4. Very beautiful – and true!

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