41 years n counting..

Today is mum and dad’s anniversary…41 years of togetherness. Wow! Dad got married when he was 26.
…and here is his son, in his 30’s..single & rocking! (literally & figuratively) 

I asked dad “What were you thinking, getting married at 26?”
and the simple man that he is…gives me an answer I never quite expected

He replied “that I’d be free by 50”

Okaaaaay! Now that clearly hasn’t happened

I continue “..and how did you come up with the math?”

dad’s like Man proposes, God disposes




A Happy Anniversary to 🙂 mom 🙂 & 🙂 pop 🙂


18 thoughts on “41 years n counting..

  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents! 40 years is something to be proud of! My husband and I are halfway there! And hey don’t sweat it, your time will come! I know it may not seem like it, but love likes to surprise us when we least expect it! Your Twitterpated feeling will come 🙂 Yeah, you have to read my post to understand that word 🙂

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