…days off WordPress

It has been just hardly 4 days off WordPress, but it feels like forever.

For starts, I’m not in Goa…so that explains why no posts. I have been travelling, working in Karnataka. It’s in a school, as a teacher…. I love being around young minds, they are just so adorable to be around with.

I haven’t got my local sim yet (roaming charges are double..so NOT GREAT!) as well personally I haven’t adjusted to the food yet (my tummy is often on strike) ..so alls not hunky dory at the moment 😉

What’s great tho’ is the weather, it is cool, breezy and it has started raining too…so OMG! I am absolutely loving every bit of it! School wise, students are adorable and especially when they are around you and you don’t know which one to attend to and who not to. People always look up to those who speak good English…so it feels good that people look up to you and say

“Wow Sir, you speak so well..I wish I could speak like you”

The emotions that run through me after I hear that is… well! I just cannot explain.

Nothing much more to say 🙂

I’ll be back soon with a post, sooner than you can imagine 🙂

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  1. I taught for a while in my third year too! The kids used to ask me for pointers in English. It’s a nice feeling to be appreciated for something that is as unconscious as speaking a language well. Have fun teaching!😀

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