In the classroom…

untitledNo sooner the teacher enters the classroom, students will come up to you and ask

“Sir, May I go to the washroom?” I mean what is that all about? One student is followed by many more and then suddenly everyone in the class has the sudden urge to pee 😉

I do say ‘No’ but the student won’t take that for an answer… he’ll be like;

“Sir, Urgent!!!” and then he’ll hold his pant and make all kinds of faces. The teacher is then kinda forced to send the student else he make a mess in the class itself…and nobody wants that right!?

and then the normal complains in the class

“…sir he’s beating me”

“…sir he’s talking”

“…Sir, he’s pulling my hair”

and again toilet 🙂

Of course being a teacher has its own advantages, I don’t need to spell them out. One thing good being in a school is you always have something to munch, everyday you have at least one student celebrating his/her birthday. So far in 10 days of school, one one particular day we had 9 students celebrating their birthday 🙂 that was like a bonus day for all of us.

Being a teacher is fun (in&out of the classroom) but on the other side it could be really stressful at times too…

BUT could there BE any other kind of job more fulfilling than being around children? I don’t think so!



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  1. Heheh! Okay so the students’ birthdays are a treat for the teachers as well! 😂😂

  2. Great post, so true!

  3. hehehe… I also aspire to be a teacher. This job gives satisfaction which a corporate job is unable to give.

  4. Hahaha! How much I can relate to this! Though it is stressful yet I feel more no job could give one so much satisfaction too! Best wishes for the year ahead! 😉

  5. This is a delightful post ! 🙂 My mother is a teacher too.Ever since I was a kid,I used to get a minimum of two chocolates every day and on ‘bonus days’ like you mentioned,I have even got 11-15. 😀 I dream of becoming a teacher myself.though I have made up my mind I won’t be teaching in school.School teaching requires lot of patience.I aspire to be a college professor. 😀

    1. Yes I agree, it does require lots of patience

      1. How long have you been teaching?

        1. In my 6th year now, teaching!

          1. Ohh..thats wonderful ! 🙂

  6. This has always been true – even when I was that age! 😀

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