Flavors of Life

Everything is flavored nowadays

..from Ice Cream to Milk to cigarettes, even Condoms! ..and I ask myself Condoms!? Like seriously!? Aren’t flavors used to make taste better? From where did the concept of flavoring condoms come from? 😐

I was at the super market yesterday, you know..looking around, buying the normal stuff. I came to the shaving section to purchase razor blades for myself, a shelf lower was the condom section..all the varieties possible. It wasn’t the condom boxes that caught my eye tho’, it was what was written on the box.

“Now in pineapple, coconut and Pina Colada flavour “

Fuck! Until now I only thought Pina Colada was a mocktail. I don’t even know what Pina Colada tastes like and here we have people doing other people with Pina Colada flavored condoms..how gross is that!!?? It doesn’t end there…there’s a preference of colored or dotted 😄😄😄

Okayyyy!! I have a question..

Why would condom makers flavour their condoms? Does it make the sex more aromatic? besides being pleasurable…! I don’t know!

What can we expect next?r

I don’t use condoms…wait!that didn’t sound right.

I haven’t used a condom till date...wait!I know what you’re thinking..it isn’t like that

Okay!..let me put it very blatantly  ‘I’ve not popped any cherries as yet’

A normal condom v/s a flavored one…I don’t quite see the difference. Maybe for those who’ve experienced the pleasure/aroma of love making may able to say more.

However to end, a question going out to females in general…

Which flavour do you prefer? I mean seriously..you are going to be left with some aroma (after the act) there’s no denying that. It isn’t rocket science to figure that out!

Think about that condom for once, its got the worst job ever! After everything… it’s thrown into one corner!


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  1. Hahaha….! Never thought that way but yeah you are right! And really who gives a fuck when they are doing each other about what taste it gives. What’s more important…. The pleasure or those tastes. Plus in coming days they will come up with condom with maggi taste or might be with “aam-papad” taste ;p

    1. I’m a maggi fan…so that isn’t going to be good news for me! I would like to see maggi only in one way-the 2 minute snack 😄😄

      1. That was just the most unfortunate suggestion in condom flavors :p

      2. I can imagine one more… “Maa-ke-haath-ka-swaad” :p

        1. Shalini is now getting innovative! Naughty girl…come what may..nothing beats skin-to-skin over a plastic..if that’s what it’s made of…I don’t know 😆

          1. Now then should I say “no comments” ;p

          2. Well u could, but commenting Shalini is better 😉

          3. I too like commenting Shalini 😀

          4. I wasn’t sure a blog post like this would have many readers especially In India where sex and condoms are still taboo..doesn’t stop me from writing tho

          5. No worries! Moral police is far and far away from WordPress 😀

        2. Why do we need condoms when we all have something called ‘self control’…or I could be wrong…not all have it 😄😄😄

          1. Where does Self control came from? The point is condoms are for protection and used that way but why the efforts are being made on flavors… Like really? And yes, NO ONE has self control to that extent ;p

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