In & Out of WordPress

Apologies to all my 487 followers on ‘theextraaamile’. Besides being irregular with my posts, personally speaking, its been one HELL of a month!! So much has happened…I sometimes wonder if it is even WORTH blogging about it!
I have had some new bloggers follow me but I am unable to visit their blogs, let alone follow them back. I will…hopefully as soon as I can make some time from the situation I find myself in.

If there has been anything that has kept me going is the fact that I know come what may…I have my family back in Goa that will support me and as far as being alone in a ‘very strange’ place, God has been kind and kept me safe till date, which I am eternally grateful for.

Keep me in your prayers guys! The going is tuff…I hope to come out of it…victorious or not, isn’t really what I care about…but more importantly Safe & Sound.

Other than all the madness going on around me, the weather has been keeping me cool… and well, thanks to my unlimited mobile data plan on my phone, I am connected to all you wonderful bloggers at all times. I may not have visited many blogs in the past month or so, but I have surely read most of the blog posts showing up on my reader.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.
Thinking about tomorrow…6 periods back-to-back out of 8 periods. Teaching can be tough when you have that many classes you have to go to in 1 day. Oh! How I hate ‘the Wednesday!’

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  1. I quite understand, but keep blogging! 🙂

  2. Oh dear! I have Terrible Tuesdays and Fearful Fridays on that lines 😂😂
    Stay healthy, happy and blessed!

  3. If winter comes, can Spring be far behind- Shelley 🙂 God bless you 🙂

    1. God bless you too pretty Hasmeet…I so miss out little small convos 😊

      1. And I miss every bit of those good old WordPress days… 😊

  4. I’m almost in the same situation, training starts at 11 and ends at 8, the commute is of an hour so we leave at 10 and reach at 9, so I haven’t been able to be active

  5. The phase seems like mine
    Though I must have travelled less
    All the best !!!!

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