To Hell & back

What is the first word/image that comes to your head when the word Hell is mentioned?

Fire right?  

Something like this picture below maybe…or worse, I don’t know!

What if I told you I experienced hell, all of 42 days and back? 

It isn’t the same kind of image I’m talking of, on the contrary it was just the exact opposite. It was a normal place with people, shops, vehicles, institutes and the normal life that we talk about.

What I experienced in 42 days was everything I thought went on in hell when people there interacted with each other. They weren’t really different from each other because they never saw anyone who was unlike them and saw a different side to things.

Lies, Deception, Backstabbing, Cruelty, Fear, Criminal mentality, cheaters, mental manipulators… are some of the few qualities that define hell for me. And I was in the midst of it all.

What was I doing there? Good question! No one chooses to go to hell. I didn’t too. It just happened, people make mistakes. That’s the way we learn right, through mistakes?

There is no Heaven on Earth, that is sure…but Hell on Earth.. I’ve been there, rather I would say I lived in their Headquarters. 

No, I am not going to mention names. It just wouldn’t be right! Everyone needs the experience 😉

11 Replies to “To Hell & back”

  1. would love the story behind this post but everyone deserves privacy. Happy you didn’t give out names. Happy you are happy now!

    1. …too complicated a story to divulge details Riya. Oh yes! Now is the place to be in.

  2. Yep…. “Hell on Earth”…. very, very true…
    You’re alone there, Mr Savio! 🙂

    1. I was, not any more though.

  3. Unfortunately that is how the world is, it is sad that you had to withstand this for such an extended period of time. Touch wood, the people I’m currently with are good people! Don’t let this get you down😊

    1. No it wont…thanks dear 🙂 I’m happy for you Sonali 🙂 Say hi to mum 🙂

      1. I’m still in Delhi, Mom and Dad had come to meet me on a weekend, I’ll be back to Mumbai in 2 more weeks though😀

  4. An escape from hell!!! Kudos….

    1. lol…well, it wasn’t all lol at that time tho’ 🙂

      1. Alls well that ends well….

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