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We live in a country of more than a billion people and out these 1.33 billion people (to be exact) the favorite pastimes are either making babies or writing books. As for making babies, the population numbers speak for themselves. Writing books..that’s the latest fashion..you ask the question “What do you do?” and the answer you’ll get back is “I am an Author”

Everyone in India thinks he/she can be an Author. What is with Indians and the obsession of writing? We must be having very interesting lives…look at the number of budding authors around the country, everyone has a story to tell and having Chetan Bhagat as their role model does not help. He is probably the virus of Indian literature! Have you read his books? He gets worse by the book. There was a time I enjoyed reading his books, I will admit..but looking back, What was I thinking?

If that’s not enough, as of April 2016, Sunny Leone launched a book that she wrote Sweet Dreams..a collection of erotic short stories (on expected lines, didn’t think she is better at any other topic better than erotica) Since when did Sunny turn author? I thought all she was good at was spreading her legs in the porn industry and for whatever her acting skills are in Bollywood!

Is Sunny going to be a news anchor next? Looks like she wants to try her hand in almost everything.

I’ve read some excellent books by Indian authors, the talent is obviously there…but not everyone can write! Let alone writing, some people can’t even put a proper grammatical sentence together. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Take to blogging, improve on writing skills. It isn’t always about the quantity, we need good quality. Some of my blogger friends here on WordPress could give writers like Chetan Bhagat a run for his money.

I too wish to write a book someday, I hope I fulfill that dream!

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  1. Favourite pastimes- making babies or writing books. I actually laughed out loud at that. Couldn’t agree more!
    I am with you on Chetan Bhagat, he’s writing lousy bollywood scripts, not worthy literature.
    And OMG, I didn’t know that Sunny has joined the writers’ bandwagon!
    Great post, loved the humour 😀

    1. In India…you can do ANYTHING!

      1. The American Dream is so passé. Let’s talk about the Great Indian Dream now 😛

        1. We’re all living the Great Indian Dream!

    2. Fully agree. Chetan is a one book wonder and holds forthbon things he knows nothing about.

  2. I agree about Chetan Bhagat and his books being one worser than the other as he churns out books with the intention of selling movie rights to them!
    And like the case of most celebrities who author books, I think even Sunny Leone may have used a ghost writer!

  3. Loved the sense if humour. I chuckled at the favorite pastime (but you did forgot the rank one pastime… judging people😂)
    Btw Sunny Leone as a writer… wow (sarcasm). Maybe Alice Clayton or E.L.James will need to run for the money now. 😂

  4. 😂 Too many people with myriad dreams; Why not Sunny Leone?
    The quality of the works is at stake these days.. We need some quality authors besides cliche romantic story authors.

    1. …and Sunny Leone with erotism is the answer to that. She’s really good in the physical acts, I believe she should stick to that.

      1. Lol i totally agree with you. I should have told you clearly. We need better authors / writers than Chetan, Leone.. 😂

        1. now that sounds better! 🙂

  5. Don’t write a book.Nobody, nowadays reads books or blogs or even magazines. I regret having written two, about a profession which seems to be attracting more illitrilles than others.

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