Sunday titbits..


Does anyone know where can I find these women? 😄😄

…the author of these words is unknown, else I would have asked him/her.  😉

Really wouldn’t mind the kiss ass driving 😉 the-love-sex 😚 and the not wanting-the-money-part 😂

Now, I’m actually looking forward to meeting such women!

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    1. Aditi, I knew I’ll always have your best wishes 🙂 Hope the season is treating you well Adi

      1. Season is just fine….. i love rains. How is it there? Bangalore, right?

        1. Goa, Aditi…and it was some place in Karnataka, not Bangalore in particular 🙂

          1. Lol… does it mean u r back to Goa? I thought one of ur posts said you are going to be there for another 10 months…. 😮

          2. Yes, it all went awry! I believe you have read the post ‘Hell & back’

          3. Naaahhhh….. let me read and come back to u…

  1. Look for the souls trapped in women’s body with these qualities. You’ll surely find them. 😉 After all, they are similar to the souls trapped in male bodies, but treated differently by the world. Hope you find them asap 😀

  2. Many women like that are out there. Good luck!

    1. You feel charitable to introduce some? 😆😆

      1. Love too but they are far from meeting guys 😂

        1. Lesbians…I hope not!! Why wouldn’t they..hope they’re not man haters

          1. They want to live their life without being on guy’s radar 😂

          2. Sound like intelligent women. Now you got me more interested.
            Its like the forbidden fruit.. 😄😄

          3. *Mysterious woman* 😂

          4. And naah they are heterosexual. 😉

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