If I were…

If I were …

If I were a month – It would be December: Because it is the last month of the year. I am always someone who puts myself last ..let the others go first! It says a lot about what kind of person I am..never rushed, I don’t mind waiting… my turn will eventually come. So, December it is

If I were a day of the week – Wednesday it is (Hump Day): No particular reason, just that it is mid week and another 2 days and you’re looking at the weekend. Wednesday is the day normally I am feel the best.

If I were a time of day – 6.30 in the morning. My eyes just open, like automatically. I may not get out of my bed but officially my day has started.

If I were a season – The Rains: I am in love with Rain. My favorite. Everything gets washed in the rain water and looks all fresh and full of life. Green all around and getting wet in the rains is something I enjoy 🙂 Coffee just tastes better on a rainy day, tea on other days.

If I were a planet – Certainly not Earth!: I have no idea what happens on the other planets…so like seriously, I wouldn’t know which planet to choose!

If I were a sea animal – A Dolphin: They are really pretty and friendly 🙂

If I were a direction – I move in different directions, so I don’t stick to one particular direction.

If I were a piece of furniture –  A Rocking chair…its like the most fun piece of furniture you’d find in a house. Just rock your blues away!

If I were a liquid – Water: Can anything beat it?

If I were a tree – Coming from Goa, I’d have my loyalty to the coconut tree 

If I were a flower – A rose maybe!?

If I were a tool – A Screw Driver:  I can fix things that are loose. Unfortunately it cannot be used on people.

If I were an element – Water because I would be in a position to douse fires around

If I were a gemstone – No preference here!

If I were a musical instrument – The drums

If I were a color – Purple, just coz it looks good.

If I were an emotion – Unpredictability (that’s an emotion ryt?)

If I were a fruit –   A Banana, the easiest fruit to eat..open and eat.

If I were a sound – The sound of waves in the sea..soothing to the ears 🙂

If I were food – Pizza,  tempting and expensive!

If I were a taste – Sweet & Salty in equal measure

If I were a scent – Scent of sandalwood

If I were a bird – A  dove 🙂 stand for Peace 



How About you? What are your If I were’s ….

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  1. If I were a Paycheck – I would keep showering the blessings on myself 🙂

    Loved this one, too good!

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