I married a WordPress Blogger

Dedicated to all female WordPress bloggers.. 🙂

I married a WordPress blogger,
as pretty as she can be,
She had a way with words, which quite fascinated me,
She said she loved me truly..she also said by heck..
If I ever catch you reading any other blog.. I’ll ring your lovely neck

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Sometimes to show affection she takes me on her lap,
and makes me read her blog..I feel my head go snap!
Sometimes she hugs and kisses me until I do the same..
Oh my goodness! I’m afraid if I don’t..she’ll make me read more.. plenty more of her blogs!

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Once we were invited to a fancy dressing ball,
she took along her laptop..she said she had to blog
She blogged through the music, I resisted the urge to sit
As she blogged through the night..I had no option but resist..
every pretty girl that wanted to do the twist

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Now, I think I’ve fallen for the prettier girl next door,
she’s skinny but I love her, like I never loved before
If Patricia happens to find out..no idea what she’ll do..
Maybe she’ll write a blog or two..Yes! that’s exactly what she’ll do.

I am now made famous on the numerous blogs she writes…
Everyone knows me..
I’m no more Henry..but the husband of the blogger
who always blogs about me!

I can take it no more..so I go..
to the prettier girl next door
She says “You’re Henry”
she knows my name..it makes me happy
“Can I do a V-log of the husband next door?” she asks

Not again! I said..

First B-log..now V-log,
I guess it’s time for me..

….to permanently LOG OUT!

27 Replies to “I married a WordPress Blogger”

  1. Haha!! This one made me laugh!:D

  2. Interesting! 😋

  3. Lol!!😀😀😀

  4. The title made me read this post and I do not regret reading it at all. It made me laugh. I love it.😁😄👏

  5. Haha that was superb! But don’t logout 😁

    1. I’ll mention your little advice to Henry 😉

  6. Haha, I liked this. 😀

  7. Hilarious!!! How can u be so funny Savio 😉😉😉😉😉

    1. How meaning Aditi? Putting words together is fun for me

      1. Hats off to you dude.. i cant stop laughing imagining if u would really marry some Patricia from wordpress… 😁😂😃☺😄😊😆😅

        1. 😁😁😁😁 Might as well fun one and tell her to join WordPress, will take it step by step from there 😄😄

          1. Goodluck…. hahahhahahhah… when’s ur next wordpress award/challenge coming up?

          2. Soon…soon hopefully! 😉

  8. I am never marrying a wordpress blogger!

      1. I just think that most bloggers express themselves better in writing than in speaking. Like myself. And that might be a problem. Although trying never hurts so maybe!

        1. Yes, while communication is one part to marriage, nobody says you can’t write small love notes to your partner. Might just make the relationship 😉 brighter 😉 Trying…is key! Good luck to marrying a blogger 😄😄😄

          1. I’m just fifteen, no worries about that right now!

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  11. Very funny…ha ha

  12. Quite amazing and funny! Loved it.

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