Start – Restart – Reboot!


Walking to work at 7.45 a.m crossing the otherwise very busy M.G Road, thinking to himself ‘what have I got myself into… and a million other thoughts which crossed his mind, every single day. He didn’t even recognize himself at times, looking at himself in the mirror hanging on the wall. The fact that he lived alone, cooked for himself and knew no-one he could call his own, he had practically himself for company if he needed any. His colleagues at work..the lesser said about them the better.

A few years ago, he would have made a great advertisement for a health gym, now sported a bearded almost invisible stomach, lanky that he was, he looked like a bamboo standing erect barely having enough stamina to get him to work and back.

He never quite got to work that day and no-one knew what had happened to him. Viktor Braganza SIMPLY disappeared ONE DAY!

It was 8.45 a.m and the accounts department had a chair empty. Work never stops for anyone and though it was obvious that the man occupying the NOW empty chair hasn’t come, was absent or on leave, work is carried on. The staff in the accounts department have to report earlier than the rest. They are all ready and geared up for another challenging and busy day at ‘Friggin’s Mall’. It’s a Saturday, usually the heaviest day of the week and Diwali being round the corner, the mall would be having more than its regular shoppers.

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  1. Part of a series, is this?

    Nice intriguing one, regardless.

    1. I don’t know! I actually thought of deleting it after I posted it…

      1. Why not build on this? You can take this anywhere, anywhere at all. One suggestion though, you’d need to lengthen the episodes a bit, otherwise there might be too many parts to this. I can guarantee that I’ll be looking forward to part-2!

        1. Who knows…I might just leave the story hanging 😊 in the middle somewhere

          1. Entirely plausible, and that also means you’re thinking of carrying this forward. Khool! 😆😆

          2. I’ve started thinking…not that I know what to write further

          3. When the time comes to write, words will flow of their own accord and you’ll know that Bloggeray’s prophesy was true!

          4. Oh and another unsolicited advice, you should think along the lines of your post’s title. Maybe you will get that Eureka moment.

          5. Yes..already thought of that…

  2. Nominated you for the “one lovely blogger award” !
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  4. amazing write! keep posting such cliff hangers!

    1. the second part to it is also could read it… 🙂 ‘the bench on platform 2 🙂

      1. ohh i am going there rn!

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