Clickity click…click! click! click!

Have you noticed that these days everyone is or knows a photographer? Everywhere you it for funerals, weddings, nature spots etc …everyone has something or someone to capture. Camera phones have made it all to easy to snap away. 

Like bloggers, photographers are springing up everywhere. Don’t be surprised if you are clicked in some random pose on the street, either in the fore or back ground. Journalists will click about anything and anyone to make headlines on newspapers. 

From clicking a couple under an umbrella sharing a moment on Marine Drive to a car splashing water on a passerby, they will click you and make a news article out of it. 

Everyone is seen clicking away…a selfie, a groupfie or the standard way…camera phone or the hi-tech cameras with zoom, every picture has a tale to tell. Ever looked closely at the photos you click? Don’t they all have a story to tell? I bet each and every one has.

Go and pick out a random photo…look at it. Doesn’t it remind you of a moment, a feeling…and maybe an emotion attached to it as well? 

I’ll be starting a new segment here on ‘theextraaamile‘, not sure what I’d call it…but dedicated to some of the random pictures I have taken..and the story behind it 🙂 My Perspective thru a 📷 lens.

I do not own a fancy camera, but a good enough one…I am not even a professional or qualified photographer, but a very passionate one 🙂

So till my first post then… on a new segment, (which is still nameless)

…catch you on the other side.

The link is ‘Picture Talks 🙂 First post will be up shortly, maybe a day…or wait! Next week 🙂

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