..the bench on Platform 2

When we turn 30 & if we’re still not married, we will marry each other. 

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I was 22 then and he was 24 – 24th April 2008

One of the many things I had said on that overcast evening sitting on the solitary bench with the overhead tubelight at one corner of Subrahmanya Road station, platform 2. Viktor is my best friend, we’ve known each other for a long time. As much as I found a few things that he did, irritating..he was a real sweetheart and I loved him to the core of my heart.

I came across Viktor for the first time at Subrahmanya Road 12 years ago when trying to manage 2 heavy bags all by myself. That’s when he offered to help me to put my bags in the train compartment but before I could even say thankyou, the train started moving and gradually I lost sight of that kind soul. The train doesn’t stop for more than 2 minutes considering it isn’t a big station. 

A year later, I saw Viktor at Mangalore station, it seemed he was waiting for a train’s arrival. 

‘Hi’ I said, I’m Sanjana..you helped me put my bags into the compartment. .at the station…errr ..a year ago at… (what was I thinking…!!? as if he would remember!)

‘Subrahmanya Road’ he completed my sentence and smiled ‘I remember’ 🙂

‘Yes..and I didn’t get a chance to say thankyou..’

‘…that’s okay & you’re travelling again…?’

‘Yes, I’m going back home for the weekend’

‘me too…’ he said. 

That what started with a kind gesture …blossomed into a wonderful friendship …till of course he suddenly disappeared.  

It was only 3 months ago, I found him again… in a hospital room attached to the life support system. Viktor, who was my strength and support  system was now himself hanging between life and death attached to one. On enquiring with the nurses and doctors, they said they had no clue on who brought him in, tho’ the hospital bills were being paid..apparently by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.

He is still alive, he cannot talk but he can recognize me and understand what I say …as I sit and reminisce about ‘our days’ spent on our favourite bench on Platform no 2 🙂

13th Feb 2016: I turn 30 today…and I’m still unmarried. Viktor is 32.


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