From Tiggie With Love – Book Review

Can you believe that’s the name of the book..? From Tiggie With Love. I mean like seriously! At least think of a better name. This novel is Nitin Sharma’s first attempt at writing a book.

What can you expect from this book?

First things first…why did I flip and order for this book? If it was the name alone, I would have never gone ahead and bought it, it was the synopsis that I read that had me interested, it seemed like something that I would enjoy reading, a little mystery thrown in but after having read the book, I was disappointed, very disappointed with the book. Nitin’s writing skills have to improve BIG TIME! Editing is another crucial thing which has been ignored and overall this book, though it was good at some points, it had equally or more bad parts in the book.

The major part of the book is ‘the interview’ (Saarika interviewing Rehaan Dutt) which was boring to read to an extent…so much of detailing wasn’t required. The author’s got to understand that some things are understood by the reader, you don’t have to mention every little thing. Ishaani’s character could have been portrayed better. This book was all about Rehaan Dutt! I mean, as a writer you need to give equal importance to all your characters…but NO, that didn’t happen.

So would you want to read this book if you see it in a bookstore? I don’t know…pick up some better book maybe. This books lacks the good language and what I found most IRRITATING in the book was the extensive use of hindi language.  That is so not cool.

I should b sorry for myself for buying this book. A waste of my money, if it was gifted to me it probably wouldn’t have made me feel so bad.

The book didn’t move me at all, it could have been far worse, it is at least bearable to an extent. Sorry Nitin, I hope your next book would be better, if you plan on writing one that is!

I read another book before this by Ruchita Mishra – I DO, Do I. Now this book is a good read. You might want to pick this one up if you see it in a bookstore. A light read.. Kasturi is cute so are the other characters. Her first book ‘The (in) eligible Bachelors  was also a good read.

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