The WEDDING photographer – Book Review

I couldn’t help myself but write about this book ‘The WEDDING Photographer’, such a feel-good-factor book. That’s what the cover looks like below:

…No, I’m not gonna summarize the story for you or write a synopsis, Google works faster 😁😁all I can say is I have nothing negative to say about this book, it’s such a wonderful book. No frills book but an entertainer till the very end. Such a fun book..a fun rom-com. From Rishi Kohli (who I am totally in love with after reading the novel) to her colleague Nidhi to Nani…all the character’s are absolutely adorable. Good job Sakshama, wonderful character portrayal.

I hope this book turns out to be a movie…I mean it should, it definitely  should. (I wonder who would fit Risha’s character? A choice between Deepika and Priyanka..tho’ my favourite is and always will be Priyanka 😙) This book is a perfect blend of romance, drama and comedy all thrown in 1 novel. 

It is very hard to believe, this is the authors debut effort, what an excellent start! Brilliant work. You MUST pick up a copy of ‘The WEDDING Photographer’. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Sakshama Puri is here to stay. I have always felt women authors always have an edge over their male counterparts, they are just excellent story tellers. 

If you’re wondering what’s with the book reviews all of a sudden, 2 reviews in 3 days. Well, I’m on a reading spree and having not dedicated enough time to reading, I am making up for lost time. Have another 2 books to read…so I’ll be slow on the blog scene šŸ˜‰

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