‘Torrent’ heart-break

Now we could be now thrown into jail for 3 years for viewing torrent websites IN INDIA!

..not just that, wait! there’s more!

It further states that by just looking at “a torrent file, or downloading a file from a host that may have been banned in India will have you directly put yourself in trouble! After a brief and fumbling ban on porn, the Indian government seems to be extending their weird logic to banning torrents or should I say the very idea of torrents.

If you visit a torrent website, a report suggests {A Times of India report] you might be committing a crime, one that earns a 3 lakh fine and 3 years in jail.

What is India coming to ?

What are we going to use the internet for now?

4 Replies to “‘Torrent’ heart-break”

  1. It’s really a valid reason for heart break… miss torrent too much.. most of the torrent sites are banned… 🙁

    1. terrible! I should be thankful for not going for a very high-speed bsnl internet plan. What a waste of speed and money that would be!

      1. yeah.. high speed internet connections are of no use now..

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