Safety first!

As a kid I felt that the helmet thing was the coolest thing I ever saw’s a pity many people don’t like to wear it.

I’ve never ridden a bike, nor will I ever in the future…so I’ve never really known what it feels like to wear a helmet. Some say it gets really hot between the ears, while others say they have lost most of their hair over the years that they have worn ‘the helmet’

Well..what do you know!? It’s better losing a few strands of hair than losing your life right!?

Wearing a helmet was…is and will always BE COOL!…that is, as long as people are still riding 2 wheelers on roads. That said, invest in a good strong helmet and not just one that looks good on you.

People are getting more impatient by the day…We all want to ‘leave late and reach early’. I don’t even know how that is possible?

Stay safe, ride safe…people who love you are waiting back home for you. Don’t YOU ever forget that!

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