Are you a ‘Churchgoer’?

Are you a churchgoer? Then this post will interest you.

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The first 6 New Testament Group of people who come to church   each Sunday, they are:

Those people who come to Church with their mats, so after Praising they start to doze off

They are those who purposely come to mark the grammar/mistakes of the preacher

These people just come to church to look at the outfits of others

There are those who like roaming about and standing outside during church service

…and there is a group of people called  THE ACTS:
These people’s faith is in actions. They are participators not spectators. They listen to The Word of God and act on it.

Which group are you in? Don’t we have a little bit of everything is us?

May God lead us to put the teachings into ACTIONS.

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  1. I’m still giggling 😀
    This was hilarious!! I’m not a churchgoer but I enjoyed this post all the same!

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