“Massage Services”

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Yes, you read that right “Massage Services”. These kinds of ads have been appearing on the goan newspapers of late under the ‘Situations Vacant’. If not Sofiya or Jyoti, its Rashmi or Monica, the name doesn’t matter, its the service and the rate that is supposed to catch the eye.

The curious fellow that I am, I called one number up…some guy speaking hindi picks the call, the phone call goes like this:

Me: Hello &%#$ female Massage Service?

He Man: aap interested ho? (are you interested)

Me: Yes but I have questions

He: kya poochna hai (what do you have to ask?)

Me: (I switch to hindi): karna kya hai? (what has to be done?)

He: ladies ko service karna hai (you need to service ladies)
~ like ladies need servicing! I understood what he was trying to say..but wanted to play around ~

Me: service matlab (what do you mean by service)

He: bas sex karna hai aur usko satisfy karna hai (you just need to have sex and satisfy her)

Me: Aur woh satisfy nahi hua toh? (and what if she is not satisfied?)

He: Aap really interested ho? (are you really interested?)
~ he was getting fedup with the questions, tho’ I had not finished

He: Aap interested ho toh, aaj hi Rs. 1850 account mein baro. Mein sms se account no bhejta hoon. (If you are interested you need to deposit Rs 1850 in the account of which I will send the no to you thru sms)

He: paise kab daloge? (when will you deposit the money?)

Me: Give me 2 days, what type of women need servicing?

He: basically humare paas NRI hai jo husband bahar kaam karte hai (we basically have NRI’s whose husbands are working abroad)

He: What is your name?

Me: Jojo

He: Account mein paise milne se, ek ghante ke baad aapko call aayega aur cab aapko pick karne ke liye aayega aur aapka meter chalu ho jayega (On receiving the money, 1 hour later you will get a call and a cab will pick you up and from then on your meter (money) is running.

Me: ok!
~phone call cut~

I wonder what kind of people actually believe they can earn 18,000/- a day! …and that too servicing females? 

…and if you thought men were adventurous, women are right up there as well!




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  1. Thanks, I cut off the last part.

    1. Glad to know that! It was an otherwise amusing entry

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