Blogging is supposed to be the ONE place I come to, when everything else around me is at unrest. But what happens when my blog has become the center of all that is not right AT THE MOMENT.
I should stay off it for sometime I guess…and take a blogging break!

While I have met so many wonderful people here that I can actually name, one-by-one…there are others (more of the recent connections) who are…well different! I mean what’s with all the attitude? My comments are being mis-understood, escalating toย arguments, while others think that my style of commenting is too cheesy..and that I’m hitting on them! Like I have to create a blog to find women and ask them out!! What a whole lot of bull crap!

I am very in-formal…and there is a certain level of casualness in the way I write or comment. If you don’t get what I meant by my comment…ask me, don’t presume!

Oh and yes! I AM NOT HERE TO FIND A PARTNER, GIRLFRIEND OR A WIFE. I opened this blog to connect with people, make friends and broaden my horizon into the world of writing.

This is really pissing off!!