Blogging is supposed to be the ONE place I come to, when everything else around me is at unrest. But what happens when my blog has become the center of all that is not right AT THE MOMENT.
I should stay off it for sometime I guess…and take a blogging break!

While I have met so many wonderful people here that I can actually name, one-by-one…there are others (more of the recent connections) who are…well different! I mean what’s with all the attitude? My comments are being mis-understood, escalating to arguments, while others think that my style of commenting is too cheesy..and that I’m hitting on them! Like I have to create a blog to find women and ask them out!! What a whole lot of bull crap!

I am very in-formal…and there is a certain level of casualness in the way I write or comment. If you don’t get what I meant by my comment…ask me, don’t presume!

Oh and yes! I AM NOT HERE TO FIND A PARTNER, GIRLFRIEND OR A WIFE. I opened this blog to connect with people, make friends and broaden my horizon into the world of writing.

This is really pissing off!!

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  1. A rose flower is a rose flower, there is no question of its being something else. And the lotus is a lotus. So be you ,be what you are,do what you like love doing,don’t let others dictate terms,the butterflies take nectar away from the rose but rose still is a rose.There are always some things that we enjoy doing but are too caught up in other matters to notice. Just be simply you…….I can feel your feeling,your inner disturbance but who is more important to yourself,you or they……..a thought.

  2. It’s perfectly okay to be informal, to be over-friendly, to be cool, to be open minded.. We all are the same in our real life.. But this isn’t the place to show our these qualities. This is the reel life unlike other social sites where we buzz off in our styles. People here are to make connections not friends. You must understand the difference between these two. Every platform has its own rules and limits.

  3. Bro this is all crap…. Don’t pay heed…. People are such….
    They gonna say something or the other….
    To me you are one amazing person…. One finest blogger I know….
    And I and all your followers want you to be here and keep blogging

  4. The big, bad world! 😆

  5. If people poke… you dont have to react.. just ignore..

  6. What you comment is up to you. Bloggers have a choice to moderate comments. If they don’t like something – let them decide. 🙂

  7. Just be yourself, people will find something or the other to criticize, regardless. In through one ear, out the other

    1. Sonaleee, you’re one of my good ones 😉😆😆

  8. Haters gonna hate. we are here for you!xx

    1. Some people say really nice things here 🙂 like you.. thankYou Riya 😉

  9. With increasing number of readers there will always be increasing number of stupid coming in. Just don’t stop writing and commenting the way you do 🙂

  10. You r doing something great continue just do what you r always wanting. I like your blog.

    1. with so much love shown…like a fellow blogger said :with the increasing no of followers, one or two are bound to be stupid 🙂

      1. It’s k happens cause all r different don’t get let down to.

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