Be ‘YOU’

Let’s imagine, you’re the world’s greatest plum, somebody out there in the world will be allergic to plum and just in order to gain that relationship you convert yourself into a banana hoping that he/she will love you for being a banana and only with time you will realize that he/she changes his/her taste and goes and now you become an orange because you want an orange lover to relate to you and its only question of time that the orange lover leaves and then you become a grape…looking ahead, when you could have become the world’s greatest plum because that is what YOU were meant to be, you became a 2nd grade banana, a third grade orange and now struggling at the 4th grade grapes.
No matter what we become in order to gain people from the world outside, even if we gain, we’re still losing our self in the entire process… many people will reject us, many people will not want us but eventually a plum lover will come and love me for what I am.

I am more an apple person Β so yeah! I am the world’s greatest apple πŸ™‚ maybe not the sweetest but definitely the best!
Be Original, Be YOU.

Have a wonderful Sunday fellow bloggers πŸ™‚Β 


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