2 Book Reviews – (Indian Authors)

I. The Guest – Mitali Meelan

Synopsis: Eighteen-year-old Neha Ranade is perfectly comfortable with her life—a singer boyfriend, a group of loyal friends and with the college annual festival around the corner, her days are exciting and full. But when her father’s Canadian colleague arrives home, Neha’s grand plans are uprooted. What could be the purpose of this curious guest’s sudden visit—for better or for worse? 

My take on the book: Good read! A predictable story the moment I was 2/3 pages into the book. Good narration, story flow was good. You will want to read the book more for its writing style than the story, though the story is pretty decent 🙂 For a debut novel, the author has done a fine job. Can definitely get better over time. 

II. Secretly Yours – Vikrant Khanna

Synopsis: Orphaned at birth, seventeen-year-old Sahil has always blamed himself for his parents’ death. He has little interest in life until he meets the ambiguous Anya in a chance encounter during the Shimla fest. Soon he falls head over heels in love with Anya, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. An accident leaves him in a coma and when he wakes up he makes a shocking discovery he can read minds! Now he can find out what goes on in Anya’s mind and maybe, just maybe, make her fall in love with him. But is Anya all she seems? Or is she hiding something?

Deliciously plotted, full of morbid secrets and startling revelations, Secretly Yours will make you question what you see and who you trust.

My take on the book: Author Vikrant Khanna is 3 novels old now. I personally loved his first book (When Life Tricked Me..) I thought it was an awesome book for a debut. Didn’t read his second book but this one..well! It had all the making of another good one. Good start, moved at fast pace in the first few pages and towards the middle and then came the lull towards the end. Another twilight…if you get what I mean! The two main characters here were Sahil and Anya obviously and a bunch of other characters thrown in. The ideas were right when thinking of the story but the story by itself was a let down. Add to that editing flaws, mistakes, language, sentence structure errors etc… NOT DONE! The talent that the guy possesses, he can definitely write better! I will rate this book because I know this guy is capable of getting a 5/5. Secretly Yours : Rating – 2.5/5

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  1. Looks like romance is your sweet tooth! (That’s the expression, right?)

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    1. Always has been…I enjoy reading romance novels. You got the expression right!

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