..trying out

There are a limited number of things I can do..do well actually and frying is not one of them. When I’m home, I’m always hungry and always in search of some food in the fridge/containers etc 🙂 

Opened the deep freezer and found this packet (below) of course needless to say, the packet is already half by now 😉



As the instructions go, this fellow –> dddd is supposed to be fried directly (not left to thaw) golden brown keeping its smile intact. I know it looks all simple and all..and why not? Its not rocket science how to find out how to fry something that is ready made 🙂

… of course this happens when I fry them (look below)


What do you think? I did okay!? 🙂  Considering that two out of the three are pretty okay besides the one that has totally lost its shape. 

Frying stuff is not my forte and neither is cooking. Though, there’s no harm in learning and getting better with time, I’ll be trying for breakfast tomorrow again. And considering ‘house-husbands’ may actually be a thing in the future…I am pretty much on the right track.

I can make good salad tho’, can fry a decent omelette. Tried cooking gobi along with other vegetables and that came out good, so did the dal I tried..so what I’m trying to say here is – I can cook myself a decent meal, I may not be the best or even close to the best. Many of my friends can’t even do that! Huh!

The key words here…is I Tried



11 Replies to “..trying out”

  1. literally my fav. thing! I am going to and make me some now!

      1. Not a snack, it is my lunch! XD #RealHealthy

  2. Trying is important. And as everyone says, “atleast you tried!” 😉

    1. Yup…thanks for the thumbsup 👍

  3. The keyword is that you’re on the right track to become a house husband. Lol!

    But seriously, trying is the harder part. 😊

      1. Hahhhah… u got it!!! 👍

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