We’re almost NEVER happy. We all have crosses in life, yes CROSSES and I’m not only talking about those in the catholic faith, considering the word ‘cross’ comes from thinking “Oh! he’s talking about his religion”. No, I am not, I am talking in general here.

What do you mean by crosses then? The Cross does symbolize suffering. Jesus suffered and died on the cross for our sins.

Many people think of the “cross” as some burden they must carry in their lives: a strained relationship, a thankless job, a physical illness, a wayward child, loss of a loved one etc. Many people I’ve heard say “That’s my cross I have to carry” Is it really? Is it the only way to look at suffering? Nobody wants to suffer and why should we? Its never a pleasant thing to suffer, we all want a good life, we don’t want things going wrong. That isn’t the deal, but then things don’t always happen the way we want it to happen..right?

‘take the suffering & inconveniences that I have and use them to generate LOVE’

The cross comes to all of us. The cross surely comes when we stand up for truth and justice, in the process costing us of relationships, our reputation and a lot more and most importantly how we carry our cross makes all the difference. Are we pulling a long face or are we cheerful?Untitled.jpg

There’s always two sides of the coin. Which way is it for you?

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  1. Be strong enough to carry the cross on your own to its destination…do not depend on others for help

  2. Well said Savio. This post reminded me of a story i had heard as a child which makes a lot more sense after growing up. It simply said that each one has to carry his own cross and like u rightly said in the post.. the difference is how u carry it… there was a man who didnt want to carry his cross because it was too heavy and too long. So he decides to cut it… first time he does he is happy that his cross is a little lighter and then he keeps on doing that till his cross becomes very small… in the end he reaches an edge from where the vallley starts and he must cross the valley in order to reach God on the other side… so all those who were walking with their own crossea just places them so that the 2 edges are connected and they easily reach at God’s destination and this man has no option but to fall in the valley since he had cut his cross very short. Such a deep meaning this story n ur blog has!

    1. Yes Aditi, I have read that story too. Thanks for reading and appreciating. Good morning and have a fabulous day ahead 😀

  3. The way to be happy and trust in the Lord.

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