What is India talking about – TODAY?

I. Ganesh Chaturthi 

II. Teacher’s Day

III. Mother Teresa Canonization.

Let me start by wishing all my hindu brothers, sisters and not sisters 😉 a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. I do not know much about the festival. So my contribution is restricted to wishing my friends in person, over social media, blog etc and also eating the sweets that they like sharing with us. ‘Modaks’, I remember that one sweet, I don’t have so much of a sweet tooth but won’t refuse if given 🙂

Secondly, Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers over the world. We all know teachers are rock stars, they make out lives miserable in school, college etc but then on THIS ONE DAY, all students get emotional and remember their teachers. Well, God bless them, students and teachers both. Teachers Day is trending like mad on twitter as always 🙂 My teachers were cool coz I was cool. A separate post on teachers day, watch out for that…later today.

While Mother Teresa was canonized a saint yesterday in Rome, people in India are still talking about it. The newspapers are absolutely filled with news about now Saint Teresa. I have read a lot and I don’t think I am ready to read more, that’s a lot to take in. Same information in different words by different sources. 

So what else? What’s been on your minds..? What’s interesting you’ve read on today’s newspapers?

I’m listening to Radio Indigo on 91.9 with cool Rj Ayesha, she is really awesome! …and she keeps reminding us that its Ganesh and Teacher’s Day. She’s already said it 6 times in the last 30 minutes 😉

Have a good day people!

Signin’ out!

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