Daddy to ‘the rescue’

Dad, I don’t feel so good, I don’t think I can go to school today

Now what happened, you seemed so eager to get back to school during your holidays


now what’s the problem dear?

Its kind of a big problem

Can I help? Do you wanna talk about it?

It’s woman’s stuff, I think I’ll need mom for this

Well mum’s gone off to work early today, she has a big day today remember?

yeah! Can I not go to school and wait till mom comes?

Okay, lets see now! If I promise you that what you tell me will remain between the two of us, will you tell me?

I suppose I can tell you (whispering in daddy’s ear)  

My dear, don’t worry about that. Some girls develop them later than others

What if I don’t develop them at all?

But you will…


I can’t give you a date or anything

..but I waited a long time for this. I’m in the 6th grade now

now dear, you get what you gonna get when you get it

I can’t go to school looking like this, all the boys are gonna laugh at me

Michelle my dear, they are gonna laugh at you if you get them, laugh at you if you don’t get them..because that’s how boys are at this age, it’s not your problem, its theirs

daddy, can I ask you something?

Yes dear

were you like that when you were that age?

who me? nooooooo

Did you look at the girls?

Yeah I did

…and you never laughed at them?


Really daddy?

Yeah, your mother was in my class. Go ask her

but she’s not at home

Ask her when she gets back..okay?

So what’s it gonna be, will you be going to school today?

I guess so

good girl

Hi dad (walking towards the room)

wait a minute now, how was your first day in school?


fine? Come and sit down

Now this morning you weren’t going to school. Everything okay? What happened?

like you said dad “you get what you gonna get when you get it” and lot of us haven’t got it as yet! 😉

7 Replies to “Daddy to ‘the rescue’”

  1. Dad is always a hero.

  2. Dad’s need to be more open with daughters, hopefully the new generation of dads are.. thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    1. Yes, some are…at least the few I’ve known personally

  3. Dad sounds pretty cool. Nice.

    1. Every daughter deserves a cool dad like that 🙂

  4. I remember thinking that I’ll never develop too.I can’t talk about such things with my dad though.Lol. Nice post!

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