Girl/Boy Talks

“I’d like to be a character in Chetan Bhagat’s books some day…”

“But how come the sudden thought baby?”

“Because all the girls in his novels get to have sex”

“In that case I would like to be the male character”

“Really!? Are we still talking about the novel here? Like seriously!?”




It’s a Chetan Bhagat Book at the end of the day! We all know what to expect. A little romance, some sex and a story thrown around it 🙂 We all troll him on his books and his  stories but when travelling in trains, it is his novels that are being read. I believe his next book is something different, a story from a girl’s perspective! That should be interesting ‘One Indian Girl’, an October 1 release


10 Replies to “Girl/Boy Talks”

  1. Let’s see what he comes out with..

    1. Yes, as always his books will be read by millions in India as usual 😉

      1. Mainly he’s famous amongst college students.. plus he Got much fame through Bollywood.. lucky him.. thouGH he writes very common..

        1. Yes, girls and boys in equal numbers

  2. I stopped reading his books after 2 states. Almost like a vow not to read them. And reading 3 mistakes… was one of the mistakes of my life.
    He should ditch novel writing and jump straight into screenplay writing. All the books seem to be written for their movie adaptations.

    Sorry for the mini-rant!😂😂

    1. Clearly not a Chetan Bhagat fan 😂😂

  3. Hahah 😀 I too don’t like reading Chetan Bhagat books! I couldn’t finish reading 2 States, even though I had initially bought it coz of all the hype.

    1. infact Carol, that was one of his better books, along withe 5 point someone…the ones that followed were very ordinary, and have you heard of Ketan Bhagat (his brother) another waste of the Bhagat sperm! He’s far worse than his brother. At least Chetan’s books are bearable and I can read them 🙂

      1. Hmm… Ketan Bhagat – Ignore on sight! 😀

  4. His books are stereotypes. Now he is more of a plot writer for bollywood movies….

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