PINK – The Movie


For starters, why was the film named Pink? There was a movie released in 2005 named Black and then in 2009 a film named Blue now Pink. What’s the deal here? Has bollywood run of ideas to name their films?

Coming to the film, it was good. I believe a one time watch coz when you watch it once, the story kind of lingers in your mind – it is that kind of a film. It didn’t have the humor content that Shoojith Sircar’s previous movies had, but as a stand alone movie it does well for it has got a strong story and an equally talented  cast. Mr Bachan as usual was at his best in delivering dialogues etc. There was also a lot of talk about the ‘actress’ Taapsee Pannu, she does a fine job.

A film you should watch.

“When she says NO she means NO

Go watch the film and tell me how you liked it 🙂

It was a serious movie for me, I believe when I go to watch a movie…I shouldn’t be made to think, this film did. Though I liked it, I would rather watch something that amuses me for 3 hours. However said, the movie sends out strong messages which is good for the general public.

Too much of Pink? Well, its the flavor for the day.

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  1. I have heard good reviews for this movie, I enjoy serious cinema so I guess I should watch this.

  2. But why is it named PINK ?

    1. Baffling to me too…! Maybe I should tweet Mr Bachan to find out 😁😁😁

  3. I guess the name PINK is so that people are still in mystry! haha!

    1. I mean there was nothing in pink throughout the movie…tho I might have seen a pink bra being hung out in the girls veranda…that was all. Have you watched the movie?

  4. Nice review!

    Noticed that you had liked my sunshine blogger award post… but for some complications I deleted that post and posted a new one….pls do check it out here when you find the time:

    1. Complications? Is this different in terms of the answers? Will check it out.

      1. Hehe😂
        There was some problem with the font and spacing that’s all….nothing else has changed…ooh and thanks for checking it out 😊

  5. I guess they named it pink , cause girls would go see.
    Might be not sure.
    But I am definately going. 😁

      1. Yay for sure!
        If go let me know the review!
        If I go I’ll let you know 😉

  6. So you’ve painted the blog Pink for the film. Good!

    A bit more info about the movie would have been welcome though it seems you didn’t particularly enjoy it.

    One more thing. You seem to have caught on the Southern naming bug with Shoojit being graced with an extra ‘h’ in the end. Guess I goes with the name of your blog, eh? 😂😂😂😂


    1. Wrong spelling? I guess I’m eligible for 1 spelling mistake 😀😀

      1. I guess the smart reposte will be to say that you’ve brought into the naming games down south. So Ajit too, becomes Ajith. 😂😂😂

        1. You’re definitely more of an Ajit than Ajith…the ‘h’ could be silent tho’

          1. There’s a superstar down south with that ‘h’. I guess its customary to add that. 😉

    2. …n yes, I didn’t enjoy it too much

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