A man and his underwear

It is a fact that men don’t buy new underwear till the existing ones are totally ripped off. A little hole here and there is fine as long as it can be used. It’s called an UNDERwear for a reason right, meant to wear under clothes and not for public display.

As men, we tend to ignore small things hence the ladies take it upon themselves to buy their guys underwear’s they think will look good on them. It’s not the same, a man purchase and a woman purchase. One thing women should realize is that, A man buying underwear is a private thing, for 1. we do not do it as regularly as women do and when we finally decide to go underwear picking (Yes, we don’t shop-we pick up) and 2. It has to be chosen wisely, it has to make an impression.undie.jpg

How long does an underwear last? 2 – 3 years in rotation maybe? So now you understand why it has to be chosen wisely, it remains with us up to almost 3 years, now that’s a long time, isn’t it?

From briefs to boxers, whichever direction men go, wearing one is of prime importance. No woman likes his man so free! Unless of course he’s Christian Grey, then it might be a different story! πŸ˜‰


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