Love just ain’t enough!

If you thought ‘Love’ was enough to get you through a wonderful life with the man/woman you love..think again! If love alone was enough, a lot of us would have been married a long time ago 🙂
The truth of romance is the fact that LOVE alone don’t make things work out in a relationship.

For there is MONEY (financial stability)
a good HOUSE
a CAR (bigger the better, definitely bigger than the neighbors)
…and the list goes on.

Don’t tell me it isn’t true, every girl wants that. Of course no girl wants to marry a poor man or a man who lives in a hut or worse still who rides a bajaj chetak  instead of driving a car.

Its true Love don’t pay bills, money does-the more the man earns the better for the wife to splurge. Of course nowadays the woman does work too…so that’s a blessing.

All said and done it doesn’t stop us from searching for love or whatever else they call it nowadays, in hope we’ll find somebody who loves us for who we are and not for the money and the rest of the package.

When Disney said that “love conquers all”, they lied.



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  1. Till the time u r looking for love… all these things dont matter really… u feel like once u have ur soulmate everything under the sky is achievable. But its only after meeting ur so called soulmate do u realize that just love is not enough to make life… thsts bcz having got what u longed for ur focus now shifts to other needs…

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