Baar Baar Dekho – The Movie

14 days from the date of its release, yes I know I’m late. I had to wait until I could watch it on my computer. After 2h 27 minutes (duration of the film) I was happy that I didn’t go to the theater to watch this particular film.

The movie promised A LOT especially from the promos, the whole marketing strategies of the film but all that for nothing-the film was an absolute FLOP. Even the best song of the movie ‘Kaala Chasma’ was kept for the end of the film…why!?

Coming to the story…well! It’s confusing to say the least, it moves in two time zones-the present and the future with Sidharth Malhotra advancing in age with every time that he wakes up in the morning…and then in the second half he goes back in time to ‘rectify’ the mistakes of the past to ensure a better future. That’s it…the movie is all about that!
Sidharth Malhotra is way better than the role he was given in this movie, the actor is way too talented.

Who is this ‘Nitya Mehra’-the Director of Baar Baar Dekho? How many films has she directed, 1 before this…what a way to screw your reputation, churning out a FLOP in your second film! Wonder whether her first one was any good.
The songs were ordinary but for the kaala chasma which was wasted at the end of the movie…and as far as the cast was concerned, Ram Kapoor, like seriously?? He’s better suited for the small screen, there are many more people who can act better than Ram Kapoor in a Father’s role. Sidharth Malhotra was wasted , Katrina Kaif was well…she can do limited things well 🙂

Overall, a good movie to miss. In case you’ve not watched it as yet, its one of the wisest thing you’d have done. Wait for it to show on tv for free. This movie doesn’t deserve a Baar Baar Dekho-SORRY!


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  1. Well then I am not going to watch it😀

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