Challo Driver

I don’t think many may have watched this film and the fact that this movie is never shown on the regular tv channels of Sony, Zee Cinema, Star Plus, B4U Movies etc makes it even a sweeter film, in case you’ve not watched it yet, do try to get a copy of it. It’s all of only 1 hr and 35 minutes of viewing time but you’ll enjoy the movie throughout and maybe…just maybe you’ll identify with some character or the other in the film 🙂 This movie was a 2012 release, it is surprising I missed out on watching it back then.

What’s the story about?
A rich spoilt brat requires a chauffeur, but the applicant, to his surprise, turns out to be an independent woman. Not only does she drive him around but also changes his life for good. Needless to say the leading lady Kainaz Motivala (Tanya Malhotra) is a stunner (looks & everything else. I loved her straight hair…Oh My!! 😉 ) and with the story revolving around her (as the chauffeur to her boss – Arjun Kapoor) where he needs everything perfect from the A/c temperature in the car to the speed limits, he is the ultimate Khadoos boss not to have.

I’ve watched a lot of films and sometimes you get these little films which don’t make it big but have sweet little stories, this is one film like that 🙂 This movie does give out a message that there is no job a guy can do that a girl can’t…in the case of this movie, it is driving.


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