It’s an Indian thing

This is one thing you will surely experience at Indian parties

Read on…

Visualize this.. 🙂
You are being served snacks at a birthday party by the hosts, a piece of cake followed by a sandwich, a chocolate brownie, spring rolls, chicken 65 & then a cold drink. You are now excited looking at your plate savoring all that’s in front of you..and then after some time comes a second round of serving and then starts what ‘happens only in India’ – what I call the ‘the un-decided phase’

The host comes around serving a second round of cake, chocolate brownies, spring rolls etc..

Host: Have another brownie 

Guest: errr…no it’s fine, it’s okay

Host: have one more

Guest: (I’m thinking) I’m really full  (touching the stomach) 

Host: You won’t get fat by eating one more piece, come on now

Guest: No seriously, its okay… (actually he/she wants it but then what will people think…I eat so much)

Host: (forcibly puts a piece of cake on your plate)

Guest: Thank You followed by a smile

[Do not ever try this in any other country, you may not end up with anything to eat. You always say YES to food abroad]

Its not that Indians don’t love to eat, we do…trust me! we really really do. It’s just that we are always worried what other people will think…and that’s why the hesitation. Ever seen Indians eat abroad? especially when they go on planned tours where the breakfast and dinner is inclusive of the package…we eat like we’ve never seen food. No food is ever enough, some even wrap food in tissues and small tiffins so they can enjoy for later. We’ve all done that some time or the other, its an Indian thing..its like instinct.

What r ya lookin’ at? 

Our thinking is simple…we’ve spent so much money to come on the tour…might as well make best use of the tour cost by feeding ourselves full 😉 and the best part is that nobody is there to judge us. [I guess I just let out our BIG secret]
I hope I have not upsetted my fellow brown people, it is just who we are and we should be damn proud of ourselves. We do certain things that people of other nationalities will never understand, most of them are still trying to figure out the Indian head movement.


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  1. We do have our own unique quirks, don’t we ?

    1. Oh yes! We surely do… 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Yup totally agree! We definitely do this 😆😜

  3. I know of a hotel chain in the US which shut down its complimentary bfast service cuz a lot of Indians who used to stay there fr work used to polish off everything, even take stuff fr lunch and dinner

    1. There you go…I like the way you put it ‘polish off everything’…I’m having a .gif image running in my head right now 😁😁😁

    2. ThankYou for reading dear and sharing this info with us

  4. hahah, really funny and true. I would love a little addition, (I’m Pakistani though but we are fellow of similar cultures). Many of us also pack leftovers in restaurant when no one known us to save the food from going to rubbish can.

    1. Welcome aboard, let’s shake hands and polish up all the food 😀😀😀 …and of course we’re very similar in more ways than one. Thanks for reading and commenting…hi5 from this side of the border 😉

      1. Thank you so much for the warm response. Assalam o Alaikum from Pakistan. 😊😀

  5. Hahahaha nice one and your pic says it all. Keep on eating and enjoying that is life.

  6. LOL…. that was a good one…. don’t forget the गन्दा कपडा to clean things….

    1. yes, am thinking of putting the ‘indian things’ spread over different posts 🙂

  7. Ya its an indian thing 🙂

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