India Pakistan Saga

September 18th – Attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir, 17 soldiers killed, 19 injured

11 days later – India Strikes Back, Launches Surgical Strikes On Pakistan, 38 killed.

What’s happening? Why so much hatred? What is with Pakistan & India that they can’t stand each other?

One country does damage, so what does the other country do…? 11 days later, do the same! Both are practically sailing in the same boat. Yes, I agree what they did was wrong, but what did we do? I’m sorry! but there is nothing to be proud about destruction and killing of people even if it means from the other side of the border.
Yesterday all over Facebook I read msgs congratulating the Indian Army…
For what? Killing?

This is a never ending saga..

Apart from all the fighting and killing that’s happening, Pakistan actors are being threatened to leave India and so also the BCCI has cancelled all matches with Pakistan, there was a time when it was said that Cricket could be the unifying bond that would bring both countries to peace, that is clearly not happening.

This can never be good news. It is clear that all is not well between the two countries and this hatred will only escalate over time. God bless both these countries so that they don’t declare war on each other in the future.

Can we ever see this…

    …transform into this? sasas.jpg


13 thoughts on “India Pakistan Saga

  1. While I denounce the ways of the MNS, I don’t see what’s wrong with yesterday’s strike. The people who were killed were terrorists, ready to attack our country. Its a simple case of preemptive strike. If the bodies had been of innocent citizens, then the whole thing would have been deplorable.

    Also, like you I hope that we can live in peace with Pakistan. I’m not optimistic about that eventuality, but what’s the harm in hoping, eh?

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