An Indian…on time?

IST stands for Indian Standard Time…for the world.

Come to India and that magically changes to Indian Stretchable Time. Here in India everybody is in a hurry but no one is ever on time. Reaching late for events is a habit we have been grown up with. The best part is we accept it as a matter of fact and do not even feel embarrassed about it 🙂 [notice the smiley? I am one of them myself 🙂 …and I know you reading this, is silently saying ‘me too’]

Maggi promised us ready noodles in 2-minutes, I don’t believe I have met anyone till date who claims to have cooked it in 2-minutes.   

So, why we are we always late..errr never on time? 😉 I guess basically it is to show-off that we are important, busy and have a hectic life. I can’t think of anything else, the simple thinking that goes behind this is, as a person I have lots of work to do and being early to a function/event means that you have nothing better to do and that’s why you’re one of the earliest and the chances are even the host would be surprised and he’ll crack a joke or two on your punctuality and it is then at that very moment, you decide “I will never be early again” PUNCTUALITY & INDIA do not walk hand in hand. If you are punctual and living in have a serious problem..have yourself checked 😉

The story doesn’t end here. Students are late for classes, teachers are late for lectures, public transport is consistently late, government officials…need I say more!?

We have two types of Indians, The 1st type of people are loitering around aimlessly or engaging in conversation with total strangers and the 2nd type of people are jostling and pushing at bus stops and vegetable markets, as if their time is most precious in this country.

Which category do you fit into?


16 Replies to “An Indian…on time?”

  1. Hahahaha😂😂😂.
    I can’t stop laughing😂😂😂😂

  2. I am an exception to this. I am always on time every time 😊😊

    1. SO, I guess you need to be put on an ‘Indian-On-Time’ test 🙂

  3. Im the punctual type too 😛 Guess some Indians like us do exist 😀

  4. Hahhaha…hHhaa… i totally relate to it… some day if i wakeup early… i will think .. oh there is lot of time today… aramse i will do things and eventually i will be late.. like everyday 😝😝😝😝

    1. It’s okay Aditi, you’re one of us 🙂

  5. Lovely post, this! However, I am on the wrong side of Indian Stretchable Time. I love to be on time, it makes me feel I am respecting my and everyone else’s time as well. And I don’t think people are late inherently because they think they are too important – it is more because they’re plain lazy/have some real reason for being late. But that’s my line of thought!

    1. My hats off to you Arpita. So that’s one wedding in India that’s gonna start on time 😊

  6. Yes! IST runs in our blood….whoever said time is money must not have taken Indians into regard

    1. We have our own deifnition to it and we like to keep it that way. 3 cheers to us!

  7. One of my tearchers says that one speciality about we Indians is that our exact time begins two hours later the dot the thing , leaving few exceptions is that we all are not punctual even after long lectures being taught to us over punctuality in our value education classes….:)

    1. Doesn’t that make us unique!? I personally love being unique …we Indians are a class apart!

      1. Yes its perfectly true:)

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