Beginning of ‘The End’

CANCER – as I see it, it is the beginning of the end. One can’t even imagine how many people have succumbed to Cancer, it has got to be one of the most common way that people die, next to.. accidents maybe?

Why is it that so many people are dying of Cancer? It couldn’t possibly be from the food we eat..or is it? Are people eating more unhealthy? Maybe Obesity? Or is it stress? Of course there are things that people do like excessive exposure to sunlight without protection that could cause skin cancer or use of tobacco that could cause cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat etc.

We all know that we have cancer cells in our bodies, Yes every one of us..the good news however is that for most of us, our body defenses know how to defeat these cells and they never really get the chance to grow up into a full blown cancer.

It is never good news to know that someone is suffering from Cancer. He/she may be strong enough to fight it, and we have innumerable examples of people who have been cancer survivors BUT ONLY IF DETECTED early enough. Once detected, we can’t do anything but for pray and hope the treatment given works on the person.

Is is fair to say that person suffering from cancer is at the beginning of his/her END? I ask this because when a person knows he/she is suffering from cancer, it is more of the mind that gives up than the body… and we all know what happens next – once the mind gives up, the body too does not respond to medication and thing leading to another and…

Have you lost someone dear to cancer?

Do you know of someone who is suffering from cancer?

Looking at it from the outside, cancer seems the worst way for anyone to die..we can only imagine what the patient is actually going through.

I’m not sure if me writing about something like this is a good idea, I normally wouldn’t…but then again, I do write about things I see, feel for and stuff that make myself question…WHY? 

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  1. Having lost quite a few of my family members to Cancer, and yet a few who are battling it, or have battled it, I can only say that the gloom it casts on the patient is pall like heavy, even if it is treatable. Its association with death is universal and the patient often suffers as much from cancer induced depression as much from the disease itself. Definitely not a way to die…

  2. Don’t worry, you should talk about issues that matter to you and I like what you said. Cancer cells originate when the body cells multiply innumerably and spread without any inhibition. Usually after a certain number of cell divisions, a cell deteriorates by apoptosis or gene mediated cell destruction. If any cell avoids/surpasses/bypasses/eliminates this pathway, the cancer results.

    The factors which regulate the normal pathway of the cell can be suppressed or destroyed due to different external factors like tobacco, smoke particle, radiation, carcinogen and heavy metals….or due to internal factors like faulty gene inheritance and gene mutation/alteration by mistake. So no one can really tell when and to who cancer will happen. Once it does, it’s a shit show. People are rarely able to fight and win, but most of them die in painful gruesome ways that too slowly. It’s tragic 🙁 It’s something everyone should be made aware of.

    1. ThankYou for reading and the explanation, appreciate it.

  3. Its the harsh truth..I lost much due to it..ur article took me to the aspect buried deep..the first time I saw someone was hassling to see how meagre distance is between life and the worst thing that could happen to anyone

    1. I was wondering if me typing this post would be okay since I know it is a very sensitive topic to even talk about it. ThankYou for reading n commenting

      1. No its completely fine. Its not my story alone but of every single indian today..sometimes the buried needs to take its breath..thanks for the concern..

  4. Damn. That hit deep. I have lost a lot of dear people to cancer and it is not the death that is the problem, it’s the time you stay alive with it. I was actually happy when my aunt died of cancer last year because seeing her suffer in her last days was too much.

    1. In fact I wanted to mention that part…but I didn’t know the correct words to use. Suffering is the worst part..nobody should be allowed to suffer this much. ThankYou for reading Riya and contributing with your comment.

  5. A good post. Cancer is horrible and it kills way too many, like you said. I am glad to say that my Aunt was a cancer survivor, but I sadly have known others that haven’t been.

  6. Aaaah so sad 😭 really

  7. Hmmm… Savio… this is like a hidden fear for me and reading this post… i dont know what to say. I am very afraid of this disesase which is now common like cough and cold.. only if it was as harmless… well.. i have seen many people succumbing to this dredful disease and the amount of sufferring that the parient has to go thru is what makes me really sad… and u know what… there is this creepy thing in my mind which i always keep pushing at the back and locking it but it still comes back… once my friend said i will get cancer because my sunsign is cancer.. well i know he didnt mean it.. but… hmm… its really creepy 😕

  8. Please rectify the spellings and read…. lol.. parient = patient and dredful = dreadful

    1. I overlook spellings dear on d comment worries 😀😀

  9. But one must never give up….
    Because living is beautiful experiment which you experience….!!

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