Password Protected Posts – WordPress

I’m sure all of us are aware of ‘the password-protected posts option’ available on WordPress.

I’ve used it for the first time on the post ‘The Single Journey’ below. 

Why you ask?..let me get to the very reason why I created this blog, it was to connect to people I didn’t know, it was to make friends I never knew existed, it was to be an outlet to express what I couldn’t otherwise do with the people around me.

This blog is now being read by those very people I don’t want it to be read by.

My password protected posts can be accessed surely. If you wish to read them, send me an email on I’ll be only too glad to give you the password.


Savio (Goin the extra..aaamile) 


40 thoughts on “Password Protected Posts – WordPress

  1. Seems you’re receiving too much hate here these days, eh? I didn’t know of password protected posts. Sounds cool though?

    On a different note, you did read the comment I posted on paw lady’s blog. What’s your view about writing 50k words in November as part of NaNoWriMo?

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