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I’m sure all of us are aware of ‘the password-protected posts option’ available on WordPress.

I’ve used it for the first time on the post ‘The Single Journey’ below. 

Why you ask?..let me get to the very reason why I created this blog, it was to connect to people I didn’t know, it was to make friends I never knew existed, it was to be an outlet to express what I couldn’t otherwise do with the people around me.

This blog is now being read by those very people I don’t want it to be read by.

My password protected posts can be accessed surely. If you wish to read them, send me an email on I’ll be only too glad to give you the password.


Savio (Goin the extra..aaamile) 


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  1. Seems you’re receiving too much hate here these days, eh? I didn’t know of password protected posts. Sounds cool though?

    On a different note, you did read the comment I posted on paw lady’s blog. What’s your view about writing 50k words in November as part of NaNoWriMo?

    1. I will check it out…and let you know Ajit. Sounds very interesting

      1. Do check that link out. And if you’re going to join in, I’d urge you to kindly put up a post about that on your blog (sooner the better). The more the merrier, eh?

    2. I wouldn’t say ‘hate’ but indifferent behaviour…some people are just blah…!

      1. Making your posts password protected, wouldn’t that work against bringing new people in contact with your blog, and by extension, you?

        1. All my posts will not be password protected, just some of them…which are gonna be few in between.

          1. No harm then, I guess!

    3. What is NaNo WriMo?

      1. It’s a novel writing project that brings professional n amateur writers together from around d globe

      2. It’s an annual thing in November

        1. Sounds challanging… details pls..

          1. I believe this is the link…
            check it out

          2. Great.. thanks… this is very interesting… are u signing up? I read something about gettibg sponsored… do u know what it is.. i didnt understand

          3. Ajit, please comment on the above query. I have no idea what that is…
            About me signing up, I have to think about it..

          4. Hmmm…… i thought u are already up with something… i read a piece and its a super plot…

          5. Hello Aditi,

            I don’t think there’s anything about getting sponsored or published in NaNoWriMo. It is only a movement to get people to write a novel. All the steps in making a novel have to be taken by the author, that is people like us ourselves. I’d suggest you check the link Savio has shared in the comment above. Also check the following out :


            Don’t worry about being published or such. Take this as an opportunity to writing that story you’ve had in your mind for ages.


          6. Thanks.. i will take a look.. and btw… something about sponsorship is there in the link Savio shared.. its not monetory from what i understand.. its about spreading the word for urself… not sure though…

          7. The link Savio shared is for signing up for the project. I haven’t signed up yet. But the other one will explain in great detail about everything you need to know. The community there will help the members to know how to keep going in he face of distractions and cheering and learning from others’ milestones.

          8. Great. Thanks!! All the best to u..

          9. Thanks. As and when you decide to take the plunge, do put up a post regarding NaNoWriMo on your blog. You can do this even if you don’t want to do the writing thing yourself. Someone might get inspiration from your post. 😊

          10. Sure… i will do that…

          11. Aditi & Ajit, great going guys..your conversation on the comments give me a lot to read 👍✌👏

          12. Lol…i hope u r not being sarcastic…

      3. I was going to reply but it seems you’ve got much of the info needed. Do check the links out. It’d be fun to try and write a book in 30 days. All the best. Cheers!

        1. Ajit dude, 50,000 is a lot man! I would love to participate..but boy is that a challenge or what?

        2. If I have missed out anything, you could add that…I’m gonna email you and ask for more details. You are the dude!


            I’m pasting this link here too for the benefit of everyone who comes to this comments section.

        3. I just got some info. Want to know more though. What happens after we submit the final draft? Do we still retain rights to our work?

          1. I think you’re still confused as to that section. Look, you are not submitting or answering to anyone. You are only getting in touch with like-minded people who all want to write 50k words in 30 days.
            This means that you will retain your work, not just your rights to it. After you finish that draft, you would, in all probability, need to refine it further and procure publishing for it.

            All in all, NaNoWriMo only means writing 50k in November. What you do about it or after it is entirely up to you. 🙂

          2. This helps… thanks buddy 😊

        4. By the way Ajit… did u stop posting the chapters of ur story or u finished already.. sorry i lost track altogether….

          1. He he he. I stopped posting. There was a lot that had yet to happen in there but I just stopped it. Thanks for remembering the series. You might like the short stories I posted after that.

          2. I will take a look. Why dont u continue?

          3. I don’t know. Didn’t think about it after I left. Did you read the last few chapters?

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