R u on Whatsapp?

Of course, you are. Is that even a question? Everybody is, or at least everybody with a phone that supports the app is.

So what is Whatsapp? Stupid question I know…we all know it is a chatting application that can be installed on phones.

The very reason that people have forgotten how to talk to each other and prefer looking into their phones every now-and-then to check if they’ve received a new message
or not  We are living in an era where if you don’t own an android phone, you are looked down upon…the bigger the phone, the cooler you are.

The way I see it, whatsapp is all about competition
~ having the best display pic
~ the catchiest status update
along with all the useless activity of forwarding videos, messages and audio clips, and  the most annoying part of it all is when people have to wish each other Good Morning & Good Night, they’ll send across images.. the same thing which can be typed out – just 2 words or if very lazy 2 letters at the bare minimum (gm/gn)

People are buying bigger capacity memory cards to accommodate forwarded videos, audio clips and images send thru whatsapp. What are people collecting all this for? Format your phone once in a while…all that crap is gonna come back anyways and besides that most of the forwarded messages are hoax – don’t tell me you actually believe all that you read!

Don’t give whatsapp undue importance, it just screws up with your mind and in the process screwing others minds up as well by forwarding the garbage you receive. One thing I have failed to understand is that everybody on whatsapp wants to create a group…a school batch group or maybe a college group, a work group..some group or the other. Its not that they are discussing anything special on those groups, its just another place to forward videos and silly (sometimes non veg) msgs to and gossip…and boys can gossip-oh yes! even better than their women counterparts.

What a waste! whatsapp is a WASTE


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  1. . . . What’s Up ?


  2. Why are you giving whatsapp a bad review..
    it’s serve its purpose to those who uses it.
    All of us have different reasons for the need of an app..
    and if you don’t like a particular app.. then don’t download it..

    The demand has to Be there for it to survive..
    and obviously 🙄 .. enough like it and find it useful and doesn’t happen to think 💭 it’s a waste to time..

    Just saying..

    1. For those who like it will continue using it. Why should this post make a difference then. It’s just my POV…

  3. That’s so right. The saddest thing is when people in the same house seem to be conversing with each other on WhatsApp…. Yes I’ve seen that happen

  4. So true! But i have to admit that this app is really convinient. I love it for a reason. My mom often feels neglected by me and gets an urge to call me during office hourse eapecially. The problem is not that i m too busy to take her call but the problem is the volume in which i have to talk to her. When in office i cant be louder than barely audible because its not good mannered. Same is the story when i travel back home. So i taught her how to use whatsapp and now she uses it efficiently. She doesnt complain for not reaponding because she knows that i am yet to see her msg unless theres a blue tick there. M able to stay in touch with her 24/7 but yes i do agree that it doesnt substitute the personal touch. But its a cool work around.

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