BRICS – in Goa

This is what the 1st page of a Goan newspaper looks like…


So the BRICS summit is happening in Goa-South Goa, 15th & 16th (ie today and tomorrow). The BIG guys are here from Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa and our very own NaMo from India.

As we all know what happens when the biggies are visiting any state in India, the state activities are brought to a halt, not totally but enough to get people irritated. There has been enough talk about how ‘things’ have been put into 5th gear to get the state ready for this summit. South Goa has got a face lift..which is good, but the question to ask is ‘For how long?’

While the BRICS summit ends on the 16th of Oct, N.Modi will be in Goa till the 17th and its only on the 18th that Goa comes back to normal. The Goa C.M says, BRICS is good for Goa, it remains to be seem how Goa is benefited by it.

ALL EYES ON is GOA all the way – on newspapers, news channels and social media, for 2 days at least.

** P.S : That’s a pic (on the right bottom) of our Chief Minister [Goa], Mr Laxmikant Parsekar. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi (left bottom) looks a hero with the white hair and beard to match.


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