The Black cat Blue sea Award


No idea who came up with this name for the Award, it could be a white cat for all I care and it really wouldn’t make any difference. Anyways back to the award, This is my first Black cat Blue sea Award and I have been nominated by Meenakshi or ‘the speaking PAW’ as she is popularly known by, here on WordPress. Meenakshi is pretty awesome as a blogger, she speaks her mind out through her blog posts. I follow her on WP simply because she’s funny, witty and a whole mixture of different things. If you aren’t following her on WP, do so from today and you will not regret it. Click HERE to go to her blog.

Now to the questions:

  1. Name one country in the world you want to travel to – That will have to be Switzerland. I know I’m not asked WHY but I’ll go ahead and say it…[1] The weather (that would include, obviously the snowfall, add to that climbing the snow capped mountains- wow!) [2] The cheese, I could do with swiss cheese anyday and [3] The chocolates (tho’ I am not a major chocolate fan, but swiss chocolates aren’t just chocolates, they are something else)
  2. If given a choice, would you like to be the President/Prime Minister of your country? And why? – No ways! I would never be interested, first and foremost I’ve never had any interest in politics and moreover looking after an entire country, that’s too big a task. I like a calm life and being the man at the top is not my kinda thing.
  3. What is the book/movie/TV Show/Song you’re reading/watching/listening to right now? (name one or all 4, doesn’t matter) – I’m not reading any book currently, haven’t been very active on tv shows either (which is strange) and the song I’m listening to is Don’t you need somebody by Red One.

So, that’s my award. Thank You again Meenakshi (the paw). I hope I have done justice to your questions, tho’ I thought 3 questions were way too less 😉

I nominate 3 more bloggers, AvyuktaAditi and Prachi. The questions are the same.




4 Replies to “The Black cat Blue sea Award”

  1. Congrats Savio 👏👏

  2. Thank you so so much for nominating me for the award Savio, but I am sorry I am not accepting any awards on A Walk into the Woods. 🙂 However, I can answer one of your questions here… I just watched Inferno and the Accountant this weekend – awesome movies. I am reading Playing Big by Tara Mohr and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Yepp two books at the same time. No TV Shows. Current song in my player is Superstar by Imran Khan.

    1. Okay, that was nice for you to reply to one of the questions. N yes..I’ve replied your email, do check it.

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