I love ‘you’ too

It surely wasn’t love at first sight 
…but definitely at first thought


Didn’t expect things would soon turn out the way I hoped for,
for the night came when she confessed, she had fallen in love
with no one else but me…

Being caught unawares, I replied with an “I love you too”02
for I thought, an every I Love You deserved an I Love you…too


14 Replies to “I love ‘you’ too”

  1. Bad move..
    you have just committed your heart ❤️..
    and if you really don’t love ❤️.. then??????

    1. I know ryt! Not just bad, terrible.15 years later and now we’re close friends. ThankGod we didn’t let each other slip away… we do stupid things when younger

      1. It’s wasn’t so stupid after all… sometimes what we think might have been wrong.. turn out to be the right move after all…

  2. Whoaa! Nice post 🙂

  3. Yes totally agree with you. Nice and good post.

  4. Good thought for the post and the reply within 🙂

    1. Hey Alok, thanks for the comment. Where have you been?

      1. Hey, buddy…I was here itself, on vacation got a while though.

  5. These days it is more like i love u too (&) 3..4…5..6.7… more 😎

    1. I believe I watched it in a movie. …the 3..4..5.. (Dil Kya Kare) wasn’t it?

      1. There are live examples Savio… no need for a movie… btw… what was the starcast of this movie? The name sounds familiar

        1. Ajay Devgan, Mahima n the other woman Kajol..where Kajol actually is the mother of the kid. An example of romance going too far on a train journey..good movie tho’

          1. I see… i think i should watch this one..

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